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1. Betting on Tennis –Tournament Winning Betting Strategy


Tennis betting on the tournament winner Simply betting on the winner of the tournament is a profitable tennis betting strategy.…

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2. Football betting

7 mins | 19.05.2022

Football betting is a world in itself, in this article we will learn about the most important and popular Football…

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3. Betting on football matches and what is the best value?

4 minutes | 02.04.2022

Football value bets The best value in football betting First, we have to make it clear that we are not,…

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4. “Over/Under” Football Matches’ Betting

4 minutes | 05.03.2022

“Over/Under” Football Matches’ Betting – Goal Totals Another common bet is to predict whether the total number of goals is…

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5. What is Handicap Betting in football and how to win it?

5 min | 26.02.2022

Discover the advantages of Handicap Betting, the most popular form of sports betting in the United States and Asia. Also…

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6. All that you should know about Football Goalscorer Betting

4 minutes | 25.02.2022

Betting On Football Goalscorer Here, you bet on which player gets well the ball into the goal and scores the…

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7. Football Betting – Draw No Bet

4 min | 23.02.2022

In this bet, a draw is not an option, which means that in the case of a draw, you can…

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8. How to bet using “Both Teams To Score” and the best strategy to make a profit

4 minutes | 13.02.2022

If you choose to place a bet on both teams to score: This means that by the end of the…

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9. European Handicap Betting in Football Explained

4 min | 11.02.2022

What is the European Handicap?   In the betting world often, you can find a huge difference in the performance…

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10. Value betting and how to make a profit?

4 min | 05.02.2022

Value betting and how to make a profit Now that you understand the gambling odds, it's time to learn how…

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11. Fixed and variable stakes in online betting

3 min | 02.02.2022

Fixed and variable stakes   Fixed stakes If you're new to sports betting, it's easy to reduce your risk by…

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12. Betting on the next manager and explaining players transfer’s odds.

2 min | 26.01.2022

Betting on the next manager and explaining players transfer’s odds Betting on the Next Manager and Transferring Players It may…

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13. Live betting in matches and other sports

4 min | 01.01.2022

Live betting in matches and other sports Live betting Betting during a live sporting event and watching the odds change…

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14. How to bet on football and what are the percentages of sports betting?

4 min | 31.12.2021

How to bet on football and what are the percentages of sports betting? Are you an expert in football betting?…

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15. 10 important rules in predicting soccer outcomes

5min | 30.12.2021

Predicting soccer results - 10 important rules in predicting soccer outcomes Some of you may be wondering if there is…

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16. Types of tennis bets

5 mins | 24.12.2021

Tennis betting rules: In Tennis betting: what happens when a player withdraws from the game or the match is canceled…

Betting on Football

17. How to bet in tennis

5 mins | 17.12.2021

Tennis winning odds explanation As with all forms of sports betting, odds determine how much the bettor will win from…

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