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    All that you should know about Football Goalscorer Betting

    All that you should know about Football Goalscorer Betting

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    Betting On Football Goalscorer

    Here, you bet on which player gets well the ball into the goal and scores the first. Sounds very simple, right? It’s a fairly simple concept but you need to take some time to check the rules that apply to your bookmaker’s handbook. Issues such as own goals and substitutions can vary from place to another.

    In some cases, the player you are betting on does not need to be the first to score. Some bookmakers offer a variation of the bet where you also win as long as your player scores the second or third goal. There is another variation called the Last Goal Scorer. Here you bet on who will score the last goal. Alternatively, you can bet on a player to score at any time during the match. This is known as the Anytime Goalscorer.

    Betting on the first scorer and the final result is also a possibility and it is called a Scorecast. But not one to be recommended!  Bookmakers are big-time favorites to win this type of bet, so it’s best to invest your money in something more interesting and with more potential for profit.


    First Goalscorer odds explained

    First Goalscorer betting simply involves choosing a specific player and betting on him to score the first goal in a particular match. Below, we can see an example of a top Goalscorer betting market with potential odds at YYY-SPORT for an upcoming match


    First Goalscorer odds Player’s name
    4.75 Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
    4.75 Sergio Aguero
    6 Marco Reus
    6.5 Wilfried Bony
    6.5 Kelechi Iheanacho
    7 Ousmane Dembele
    7.5 Adrian Ramos
    8 Yaya Touré
    8.5 Shinji Kagawa
    8.5 Dzenis Burnic
    9 Emre Mor
    9 Felix Passlack
    9 Manuel Garcia
    9.5 No Goalscorer



    Anytime Goalscorer odds explained

    It is important to note that if you choose a player to score and the player did not participate in that match, meaning that he is a substitute, your stake will be refunded. It’s also worth noting that you can actually bet on a No Goalscorer, which is the same as betting on a 0-0 draw.

    Similar to First Goalscorer betting, Anytime Goalscorer betting involves selecting a player to score at any stage of a given match, regardless of whether a goal has already been scored. We can see an example of the Anytime Goalscorer betting market. Click here on YYY-SPORT to know the odds for an upcoming match:


    First Goalscorer odds Player’s name
    2.55 Adam Rooney
    3 Jayden Stockely
    3 Miles Storey
    6.5 No Goalscorer
    3.25 Marcos Tavares
    3.4 Niall McGinn
    3.9 Scott Wright
    3.9 Kenny McLean
    4.2 Dare Vrsic
    4.6 Peter Pawlett
    4.6 Jonathan Hayes
    4.6 Damjan Bohar
    5.25 Sintayehu Sallalich
    7 Ryan Jack


    The odds are typically shorter than First Goalscorer betting as with Anytime Goalscorer it does not matter when your player scores, just as long as he scores.


    League/Tournament Top Goalscorer odds explained

    The most popular market is always League or Tournament Top Goalscorer. It is simply a matter of betting on which player you think will finish the league season or tournament as a top goalscorer.

    As with most outright markets, it is possible to place bets throughout the season, allowing you to trade in and out of the market as well as determining value based on upcoming fixtures, injuries, suspensions, and tactical tendencies.