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    Basketball betting guide


    How to Bet on the NBA: Single Game Bets


    Basketball is one of the most popular sports for betting in the world as it mixes thrilling, fast-paced games with dynamic outcomes that offer interested parties a variety of potential wagers to make. While basketball is one of the simpler sports to bet on, there is a groundwork of knowledge that potential basketball gamblers need to have under their feet before laying their first wager on  YYY  Sportsbook.




    The volatility of the NBA makes it one of the most intriguing leagues as realistically, there will be nights where the NBA’s best team, Golden State, can be pushed to their limits by a young and energized squad like the Philadelphia 76ers or the Milwaukee Bucks.


    If you want to place a bet on NBA games or NCAA games, you are going to need to know the primary types of wagers. Let’s go ahead and lay those out below:


    Point Spread Betting


    Basketball point spread betting is probably the most popular type of wager that you can make. The point spread is a calculated points difference determined by oddsmakers between two teams lining up.


    For example, if Golden State is playing Charlotte, they’ll be a big favorite. As a 12-point favorite (for example), Golden State must win the game by 12 points or more for them to ‘cover the spread.’ Any result where Charlotte wins or loses by less than 12 points, bets on Charlotte against the spread would win.


    In the NBA, betting against the spread is a great way to make every game interesting, even while the game is live. With 82 games in a season, even the best teams will lose to major underdogs and of course, there are plenty of momentum swings, resulting in huge runs. Savvy researchers who pay attention to fatigue, home/road splits, player injuries and coaching changes can all find an edge against their competition.


    Point Totals


    Total betting is another extremely popular way to bet on basketball. Also known as over/under, betting on the point total is as simple as it sounds. You are placing a wager based on whether or not the two teams on the court exceed or fail to meet a certain combined score. Here’s an example:


    Let’s say that Duke and Michigan State are slated to square off with a point total set at 155.5. If you believe that they will combine for more than 155.5 points, you would wager on the over. If you feel that Duke and Michigan State won’t meet that score, you would wager on the under. If the final score is 80-75, bets on the under would be successful.


    Money Line


    Betting on the money line is a simplified version of the prior two wager types. Instead of including points, you simply place your money on who you think will win the game. Money line wagers are built around odds which means that if you are betting on the favorite, you have to stake more money than if you were betting on the underdog (for the same profit/return). For example, you wouldn’t really make a significant amount of money by betting on a large, competitive school like UVA against a small school if UVA wins.




    Parlays are all about stringing together bets to increase winnings. In order to win your parlay, you must accurately make multiple winning picks to win. By combining several bets into a parlay, the chances of winning are less, but the rewards are much greater if you pick correctly.



    There are no hard and fast rules to winning in the world of basketball betting. Additionally, there are no shortcuts or cheap methods that will ensure that you make money on each wager that you place. However, there are certain strategies and tips that are unique to the world of basketball gambling. Let’s go ahead and look over a selection of basketball betting strategies and tips.


    Research Until Tip-Off


    Basketball is unique among sports in that players can and will be pulled from the starting lineup all the way up until the actual start of the game. In baseball, lineup cards are submitted hours prior to the game. In football, actives/inactives are released in the morning before games are underway. In basketball, players can be pulled from the bench based on a cold or a tightened muscle. Pay attention to social media and be aware of any last-minute lineup changes. A Golden State team that suddenly sits Kevin Durant is a great opportunity to bet against the spread, for example.


    Account for Scheduling


    With 82 games in a condensed season, there are going to be times when players are forced to take what is known as a ‘circus road trip’. Teams will hop on a jet and fly all across the country in order to play two games in three days. Fatigue from travel and excessive playtime can directly impact the outcome of a game. Pay attention to scheduling, travel distance, and home/road advantages.


    Embrace Advanced Statistics


    While basketball isn’t comparable with baseball, in terms of statistics, there are many reliable metrics to work with while deciding your wagers. Use turnovers, team rebounding and 3-point shooting percentages as a team in order to guide your bets.


    Where is basketball betting legal?


    Basketball betting and other sports betting are only legal on certain sites.

     Find out where sports betting is legal on our page about sports betting legalization.



    While betting on the game of basketball is simpler than other major sports, there are still a few common pitfalls that novice bettors will fall into. Before making your first wager, let’s briefly highlight a few key mistakes you should avoid.


    Confirming Your Bias


    If you are a huge Los Angeles fan, you might feel inclined to place wagers down in support of your team. Lose your bias instead of losing your money. Look at all teams neutrally and don’t let your love of a team interfere with a level-headed bet.


    Ignoring Fatigue Patterns


    Finally, the game of basketball is beholden to the energy of the players on the court. Coaches who are trying to take care of their best players will often try and limit their minutes played, especially on back-to-back nights. If Kyrie Irving plays 42 minutes on Thursday, you can expect his numbers to be reduced for a back-to-back set on Friday. With Kyrie limited, Boston can be assumed to lose a small step and this creates value for clever bettors and a trap for fans who don’t pay attention.


    Choosing the wrong sportsbook


    Winning is all about getting paid and choosing to bet with an unreliable sportsbook could make that difficult. Make sure you choose a reputable sportsbook with a safe and secure betting platform.



    Now that you’re primed for basketball betting, check out all that YYY Sportsbook has to offer. It’s an established, UK-born company and provides a safe and secure betting platform. Best of all, it’s quick and easy to withdraw your winnings.

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