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    Betting on the next manager and explaining players transfer’s odds.

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    Betting on the next manager and explaining players transfer’s odds

    Betting on the Next Manager and Transferring Players

    It may be a little strange, but betting on the identity of the next team manager has always been popular in the football betting market. People bet if a particular league team manager will be sacked or a new one will be appointed in another club and whether a manager will receive annual awards or not.

    Arsenal’s new manager
    Special offers
    9 Joachim Low
    11 Thierry Henry
    13 Frank de Boer
    13 Roberto Mancini
    15 Patrick Vieira
    15 Roberto Martinez
    17 Ronald Koeman
    17 Dennis Bergkamp
    17 José Mourinho
    17 Roy Hodgson


    As you can see above, a Next Manager market example, in this case, betting odds from YYY Sport for Arsenal’s full-time manager.

    3. How to place your bets on YYY Sport

    Explanation of the chances in betting the transfer of players
    It is really a popular special offers’ market, especially during the transfer period before or after the season. It is the transfer market of players between different clubs. Betting usually includes the club the player will sign for and transfer to and it may include sometimes a time frame, for example, football betting on the next club that the player will play with on the summer transfer list specifically.


    Cristiano Ronaldo’s Next Club
    Special Transfer Offers
    The player must sign a contract to transfer to the new club on a regular basis. A loan transfer does not count here.
    101.00 Porto 17.00 Manchester City 2.10 Paris Saint-Germain
    101.00 Liverpool 41.00 Juventus 2.60 Manchester United
    101.00 Tottenham 51.00 Monaco 5.50 Bayern Munich
    101.00 Arsenal 67.00 Barcelona 8.00 Sporting Lisbon
    67.00 Inter Milan 17.00 Chelsea
    67.00 AC Milan 17.00 Los Angeles Galaxy

    This example above shows the existing odds mentioned by POWER for Cristiano Ronaldo’s next permanent club.