Betting Guides > How to bet on football and what are the percentages of sports betting?

    How to bet on football and what are the percentages of sports betting?

    How to bet on football and what are the percentages of sports betting?

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    How to bet on football and what are the percentages of sports betting?

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    Three-way bet

    You can bet on either team to win or for the match to end in a draw. This type of betting is often referred to as a triple bet (3-way betting) (Extra time or penalty shootout do not count in the normal 3-way bets).

    Double Chance bet

    A Double Chance bet allows you to bet on two out of the three possible outcomes of a football match in one bet. In a double chance bet, and in both cases, for example, if an away team will win or draw your bet will win. 

    Correct Score bet 

    In Correct Score Bet, you bet on the exact full time scoreline at the end of a particular soccer match. These bets are popular with casual bettors because the odds of any selection are usually long.


    Betting whether a game will have over or under a certain number of goals. For example, “Over/Under” 2.5 goals per match.

    ASIAN bets

    Asian bets give both teams a goals handicap, either a goals advantage or a goals deficit. As an in the example of Arsenal and Liverpool match, it means that if you bet on Arsenal -0.5 goals, Arsenal must win the match for you to win your bet. On the other hand, if you bet on Liverpool, then either a Liverpool win or a draw will be enough for you to win your bet.

     Live bet

    Betting during a live sporting event and watching the odds change as the match progresses is an exhilarating and exciting experience!

    You can bet on the outcome of the match based on your own judgment until the last minute.

     Football Goal scorer


    Here, you are betting on which player will score the first goal. It is fairly simple, in some cases, the player you are betting on does not need to be the first to score a goal.

    Halftime/Fulltime Bet

    Instead of combining the match’s first and second half you can bet on the outcome of just the first half.


    Most common football betting mistakes 


    Not watching football

    In order to be successful in football betting you have to follow the tournaments you are betting on, watching football helps you develop the skill to do the right analysis and to bet more successfully.

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    Ignore injuries

    Injury is one of the most common things in football, and it is very important to take it into consideration when you choose your bets.

    Some teams can perform well without one of their stars, and others cannot.

    Therefore, it should be taken into account and not to be ignored.

    Financial mismanagement

    Before making any bet, you have to put a certain amount to use as capital. The fastest way to lose your capital is financial mismanagement, don’t chase losses (to bet more than you usually do), and don’t covet when you are in a winning streak.

    Betting on your favourite team

    A lot of bettors are blinded by their love for their favourite team, don’t fall into this trap, because if you do, you will bet with your heart and not by your mind. Therefore, you need to take this into consideration.

    Where can I place a football bet?

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