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    Betting on Tennis –Tournament Winning Betting Strategy


    Tennis betting on the tournament winner

    Simply betting on the winner of the tournament is a profitable tennis betting strategy. Usually, bookmakers will offer each-way bets. One-third of the odds are on your favorite player, and the rest if your selection finishes in first or second place.

    Always keep in mind that tennis tournaments use draws to determine which players will face each other throughout the tournament. Taking a look at each player’s potential opposition once the tournament draw has been made can help you determine which players might be worth some value. A great player may find himself with a difficult draw while a less talented player might be lucky enough to be drawn against lower-ranked opponents, giving them the dream run deep into the tournament.


    Tournament winner odds:

    Finally, let’s consider the tournament winner’s odds and other tennis outright bets.

    Here we can see that Serena Williams is the favorite to win the tournament and her odds are 2.25. If we think she has a better chance of winning the tournament than those odds would indicate (44.4%), therefore we should bet on her because it is a value betting opportunity.


    Betting on each way on the tournament:

    We can see that it is also possible to bet on  ‘each way’ in this tournament, with ‘each way’ terms displayed in the top left. In this case, one bookmaker is offering each way of 1/2 the outright odds for players who finished first or second.


    What does this mean?

    Supporting a player in each-way means that you basically place two bets – one bet on the player to win the tournament and a second bet on that player to finish, in this case, at least in second place (reaching the final).

    So, for example, if you bet £10 on Simona Halep at odds of 10.0 you would be placing £10 on her to win the tournament at odds of 10.0 and a second bet of £10 for Halep to end up at least as second highest (lose the final) at 1/2 the outright winner odds.


    Each way odds are calculated as:

    {(Each way terms) of (winner odds – 1)} +1

    So, in this example, the odds of each way for Simona Halep would be:

    1st way = (1/2 of (10.0 – 1) +1

    2nd way = (1/2 of 9.0) +1

    3rd way = 4.50 + 1

    4th way = 5.50

    So we have £20 each way on Simona Halep, which is basically two bets:

    £10 for Halep to win the tournament with a 10.0 odds.

    £10 on Halep to either win the tournament or finish second with a chance of 5.50.

    If Halep wins the final, you win both of your bets. However, if Halep reaches the final but loses, you will lose your outright winner bet but you would win your second-place bet.


    When it comes to a profitable tennis betting strategy:

    If you are looking to support a favorite player to win a tournament – try to do so before the event has begun. The odds will become less favorable once the event begins and the field starts to dissipate. Even when a player is as dominant as Djokovic now or as Federer and Nadal were in the past, it’s still possible to get reasonable odds on them before the event begins.


    You may also see a player who had a low rating in the past, but worked hard and moved up and if that’s the case, you should catch the train as fast as you can. In 2007, former runner-up David Nalbandian at Wimbledon had slumped to 25th in the world and was seemingly sliding into mediocrity. Then, from out of nowhere, he suddenly achieved one of the greatest hot success streaks seen in recent years.

    He won both the Madrid and Paris Masters Series events and defeated Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer in each event!


    Tennis outright bets do not start and end with tournament winner odds. The following markets are also available:

    Quarter Winner: Betting on a player to reach the semi-finals.

    To reach the final: Betting on a player to play in the final of the tournament.