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    YYY Casino Sport Get 500$ bonus now

    How to place your bets on YYY Sport

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    YYY Casino Sport website

    First, you should have an account on the YYY Sport website:

    After signing up to YYY Casino Sport, you have to make your first deposit, you will instantly receive a 100% bonus to your account.

    After logging in to YYY Casino Sport, we choose the sport we want to bet on!

    We will choose soccer (football) in this example.

    Subsequently, we observe the upcoming leagues and tournaments, and we choose the league we are interested in. “You can use the search engine to find them quickly”.


    We will choose the Spanish League (La Liga).

    Now we could observe the upcoming matches that are about to be played. As you can see, the date and time for each match are available as well.


    We will choose the match of “Real Madrid” and “Villarreal”: As you can see, the page for the available bets has opened for us!


    These numbers are the odds that determine our profit percentage on each bet.


    YYY Casino Sport The resulting bet: It means “who will win the match?”

    The 1.44 team is the Home team, which is Real Madrid.

    The Away Team which has 7.2 is Villarreal.

    If we choose that Real Madrid will win and we place $100 on a bet that the Home team will win, we will gain $144.

    If we choose Villarreal and put $100 on a bet that The Away Team will win, we will win $720.

    A Double Chance Bet: It means that you could choose if one of the two teams win or draw, your bet will win!

    To learn more about other types of bets, click here.

    After that, we click on “Place a bet” on the YYY Casino Sport website.


    You can combine as many bets as possible into a single bet amount and the profits will be much bigger:

    As you saw in the previous bet, we set that Real Madrid would win.

    Now let’s add more matches:


    As shown here, we picked up other matches and the potential profit is up to $430 now which is much bigger than the previous $100 bet.

    Odds added up and got bigger, making your risk lesser.

    And to approve this bet, place the bet.

     YYY Casino Sport

    Watch this video to find out more about this:


    Congratulations, you have placed your first bet!

    YYY Casino Sport