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    What is Cash out and what are the different options for using it?

    What is Cash out and what are the different options for using it?

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    What is CASH OUT?

    The cash-out feature is becoming more and more popular, and many bookmakers started to offer this feature to their customers. Basically, cashing out allows you to close your bet and get your money back with a certain profit or loss, before the event ends. The amount you will be able to cash out depends on the current live odds compared to the pre-match odds you have taken. Let’s take a look at more detailed examples with cash-out options.

    How does CASH OUT work?

    Let’s say you played a bet on a match between West Ham and Manchester United in the Premier League. You bet that “Manchester United” will win and your odds were 2.00 before the event started. The event starts and “Manchester United” scores a goal in 34 minutes. In this case, your bet is more likely to be winning, the odds for Manchester United will drop and you will be able to cash out an amount higher than your initial stake, minimizing the risk.

    But let’s say West Ham scores the first goal of the match – then, using the cash-out feature, you’ll be able to withdraw an amount lower than your initial stake/bet, ensuring you don’t lose it all (if West Ham wins the game).

    In fact, it is very easy to calculate for yourself the amount and respectively the profit or loss that you will be offered to take.

    This is what the cash out offer looks like:

    ((Initial bet odds / Current in-play odds) x Initial stake) – Initial bet stake


    Partial cash out feature

    Some bookmakers have taken a step further by offering partial cash-out as well. This means that you can withdraw only a percentage of your initial stake and keep the rest in play.

    The formula for calculating the partial cash-out offer is the same, but instead of your full stake, you put the amount you want to withdraw.

    ((Initial bet odds / Current in-play odds) x Partial bet stake) – Partial bet stake


    What are the pros and cons?

    The cash-out option gives you more control over your money and allows you to assess the risks in real-time and decide if your bet is more likely to win or lose. Of course, in some of the more dynamic games, you need to be very quick to react and make your decision as the odds and potential cash amount may change very quickly respectively. For example, in tennis live odds are changing pretty fast and you need to act fast as well.

    You can also check our bookmakers’ review section in order to find the bookmakers that offer the best cash-out features.