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    Tennis betting – What is the Handicap Betting Odds?

    Tennis betting - Handicap Betting Odds

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    Tennis Handicap Betting Odds

    You can also bet on a range of tennis match handicaps. The most common of these are Set Handicaps Betting and Game Handicaps Betting.


    Set Handicap Betting in Tennis

    In Set Handicap Betting, you bet on whether one player will win the assistance of a Set Handicap. This is somewhat similar to Football Asian Handicaps Betting.

    You can bet on a player to win with a -1.5 set handicap, or on the other hand, a player may be given a +1.5 set handicap.

    Games Handicap Betting is similar, except that it takes into consideration the total number of games played in the match.

    This can be a challenging form of betting, even if the price is low, the person who is expected to win in successive sets may struggle through each set.

    This is a great opportunity to take advantage of if you know that the playing style of a suspected inferior opponent, brings enormous difficulties to his opponent.

    Set Handicap Betting is where one player is given a specific advantage (For example +1.5 sets) and the other is given a set deficit (For example -1.5 sets). Below we can see an example of set handicap odds listed on Y-SPORT menu for an upcoming match between Caroline Wozniacki and Svetlana Kuznetsova.


    Tennis betting example

    Tennis Set Handicap
    Svetlana Kuznetsova (-1.5)


    Caroline Wozniacki (+1.5)



    In this case, we see that Wozniacki is +1.5 sets at odds of 1.66. If you bet on Wozniacki at +1.5 sets, your bet is a winner as long as she wins the match, or at least she doesn’t lose by more than 1.5 sets. Think of it this way – regardless of the outcome of the match, as long as Wozniacki is within 1.5 sets of winning the match, your bet is the winner.

    On the other hand, if you bet on Kuznetsova at -1.5 sets and odds of 2.10, your bet is a winner only if she wins by more than 1.5 sets. If she wins only 1 set or worse if she loses the match, your bet then is a loser.

    It is easy to calculate whether your handicap bet is a winner or not. You can simply add (or subtract) the handicap from the final scoreline. If you’ve bet on Wozniacki at +1.5 sets, you simply add the 1.5 set handicaps to her final scoreline. If, on the other hand, you had bet on Kuznetsova -1.5 sets, then we subtract 1.5 sets from her scoreline.


    Tennis Games Handicap Betting

    A Handicap Betting in tennis doesn’t begin or end with a set handicap. There are also games handicaps.

    This market works just like set handicaps, with a player given a games advantage (For example +5.5 games) and the other a games deficit (For example -5.5 games). Below, we can see an example of a games’ handicap market with odds listed at Y-SPORT for an upcoming match between Fernando Verdasco and Stan Wawrinka.


    Tennis Set Handicap
    Stan Wawrinka (-5.5)


    Fernando Verdasco (+5.5)




    In this case, we see that the player Verdasco has a +5.5 game handicap. What does this mean?

    Well, it means that if we bet on Verdasco +5.5 games at odds of 1.727, the chances of winning are 1.727.

    Your bet is the winner as long as the total number of his games won during the match is at least within 5 games of Wawrinka’s games total.

    Let’s say Wawrinka finishes the match with a total of 22 games won in the match, while Verdasco finishes the match with 17 games.

    In this example, your bet will be the winner because the total number of Verdasco games was within the 5.5 game handicap.

    On the other hand, if you had bet on Wawrinka with the -5.5 games handicap at odds of 2.05, he must finish the match with at least 6 more games in total than Verdasco.


    How to make a handicap bet on total games?

    Except that we only focus on the number of games that are won through a match. Just like we did with the set handicap, we simply add or subtract the handicap.

    In this example, if you bet Verdasco at +5.5 games, we will add 5.5 games to his total games won.

    On the other hand, if you bet on Wawrinka at -5.5 games, we subtract 5.5 games from his total.

    Handicap betting is a particularly interesting market, where your player does not have to win the match in order for your bet to be a winner.

    For example, let’s say Verdasco wins the match 3 sets to 2 with a scoreline of 7-6, 1-6, 7-6, 1-6, 6-4 streak.

    In this example, Verdasco finished the match a total of 22 games won while Wawrinka won a total of 28.

    But with a games handicap of -5.5, despite losing the match, Wawrinka was still able to cover his games handicap by exceeding his opponent’s game total by 6.