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    Football Matches Betting and Accurate Match Analysis!

    Football Matches Betting and Accurate Match Analysis!

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    Football Matches betting

    Ahmed Abdullah Ben Saad reveals how he won 2.3 million euros after he was broke.

    He claims that anyone can do the same and explains how he first encountered the concept of football Matches in his talk in “Good Morning Arabs” and how Football Betting has given many bettors the chance to completely change their lives. Ahmed Abdullah Ben Saad tells his story. Follow us to see how he started and where he is now?

    “2.3 million euros, this was the best opportunity I have ever had.”

    Discover Online Football Betting while watching the “Good Morning Arabs” program on Saturday.

    Football Match betting concept is very simple:

    It gives the average person the opportunity to benefit from their football knowledge, and they could make a profit even if they have no experience in sports or technology.

    The user simply makes an initial deposit on the platform, usually €250 or more, and reads some tips to bet well.

    Using a combination of data and analytics, these tips provide the perfect time to place bets on low odds and set them together, thus maximizing the user’s profit.


    To prove if the platform is performant or not, Nadia deposited €250 directly into the site.

    Nadia was very surprised when she made her first win betting on an FC Barcelona match, after placing her bet for the first time.

    “I’ve heard about sports betting and the huge profits that can be won with it, but I’ve never played before. I had no idea where to start. But this was really easy. I used my credit card to deposit the money and then I chose to play the matches I prefer! Look, there are even Qatari League’s matches.”

    After her first deposit of €250, she started using odds from sites like Sport Fanatico, where she could play with low stakes but end up earning a high profit. 

    In one match, Nadia managed to increase her starting balance to €483.18. She had a profit of €233.18.

    Everyone on the show, even the production staff, was impressed by how easy it was to make money.

    The platform handles all bets automatically, therefore, there are many opportunities to take.

    Before Ahmed Abdullah had the chance to answer all the questions, Nadia interrupted him with a smile:

    “After just two matches, I have an additional €398.42.”

    Betting is ‘so exciting’ – that even someone like Nadia, please don’t get mad at me- can make a profit out of it.

    “I should have a piece of this cake myself!” Khaled Al Shaer said.

    If you had invested only €100 in Barcelona vs PSG back in 2017, you would have made €1.7 million by now!

    Try betting now

    We decided to test betting on multiple matches to see if it is really possible to make money using this platform.

    Here is the deal: We quickly found out that the platform does not charge a commission fee from the profit that the user makes, and as a start, you should deposit a minimum of €250. This money works as an initial investment that you use for stakes.

    We also learned that earning money by betting using free sports betting tips sites could bring you a fortune.

    My results and the betting profits I earned using the free tips sites like Sport Fanatico after 7 days were unbelievable.

    Therefore, I decided to sign up for an account with YYY, made an initial deposit of €250, activated my account, and received €250 as a welcome gift.

    In the middle of the show, Nadia earned €233.18 after three minutes of live betting, but it took longer when betting on matches. It took me an hour and a half to make a profit of €192.19, but that still impresses me very much! I’ve never played bets before, yet I’m still making a profit.


    It took me about 5 minutes a day to check my results and after 5 days on the platform, I earned 630 euros. This is a 252% increase over my initial deposit. I’m starting to really believe in this platform.

    After 7 days, my initial deposit increased to €1,930. At that point, I started frantically thinking about what I could do with all that money? This was more than what I could make in a whole week on my job, and it took me less than 30 minutes to check out the platform.

    I decided to keep my account active for a total of 15 days because I wanted to know how much the amount would be increased. My account finally reached a total peak of €7380.10 but registered a negative trade balance when I played on Porto and lost -€79.51. I looked at my trade logistics and noticed that not every betting makes a profit, some of them also lose.

    The platform is not magic but considering the fact that 70% of my betting activity was profitable, the total result was a profit of €7300.59 starting from an initial deposit of only €250. I use the app less than half an hour a week and I have absolutely no technical experience or sports knowledge.


    Football match betting in the screenshot below

    You can see that I decided to use the “Withdraw Funds” feature to withdraw €7300.59 from my account.

    To summarize, I managed to make a profit of €7300.59 on bets. Therefore, I made the decision to withdraw my money to pay for an overseas trip. When I come back, I will definitely invest the money left over from the vacation into betting again. I might even quit my job!


    Note: It took 48 hours for the funds to be deposited in my bank account.

    Try to win the bets yourself

    Currently, YYY allows our readers to try the platform with a minimum deposit of only 20€. You can withdraw this amount at any time.

    If you keep in mind the huge popularity of the YYY platform, this initial minimum amount may increase!

    You must sign up on YYY right away because we don’t know how many sites are available.

    You can fund your account with a credit card, bank transfer, or use a cashU card.


    The first three steps to start YYY Football Betting is:

    1.  Sign up to get a free account.
    2.  Make a deposit of at least €20.
    3.  Use the YYY platform to make a profit.


    Note: You can withdraw or deposit your initial earnings at any time by clicking on the “Withdraw” button on the platform.


    1: Enter your data to register for a free account.

    2: Deposit a minimum initial amount of €20.

    3: Withdraw your profit (or leave it in the account to earn more!)