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    Develop your betting IQ with the following steps

    Develop your betting IQ with the following steps

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    Develop your betting IQ with the following steps

    Sport fanatic is the most comprehensive guide to sports betting available. In its web pages, you will find insight and betting theory written by successful long-term gamblers who share their wisdom to help you improve your betting IQ.

    If you’re serious about improving your sports betting skills, the betting expert Academy will provide you with the basics you need and help you develop the tools needed to improve your betting.


    “All what the Academy publishes is very important and necessary for anyone serious about making money from betting. Whether you are a novice or an expert gambler, there is always something for you.”

    –  Secret Play Club.


    “What I like about Betting Expert Academy is that it gives you all the essentials for successful betting in one easy-to-follow guide.”

     Matt Finnigan


    “I don’t know any online resource for useful information for bettors beginners other than the Expert Academy. It’s clear, brief, honest and most of all, it’s free!”

     Paulo Bandini


    “If you are new to betting, don’t bet another game until you read this excellent source.”

     Pitt Nordst


    What will you learn?

    The Betting Expert Academy will provide you with the foundations of successful sports betting, such as an understanding of odds and the concept of betting value. Once you understand the basics, you can move on to more advanced topics. No matter what your ability or experience level is, the academy will enhance your betting intelligence.

    Say bye to losses. It’s time to become a winner!



    What does it cost to develop your IQ in betting?

    Nothing, it’s free of charge and always will be. We are committed to educating the current betting public and helping sports bettors around the world make more informed betting decisions. We want this information to be freely available to everyone who wants to step up and take on the ‘old enemy’, the bookmakers.

    It is a betting guide for all people. Share it with your friends.


    Who wrote this?

    The guidelines contained in the Academy are written by sports veterans such as Andrew Brooker, Joachim Marnitz and Stephen Harris with additional contributions from the sports betting industry writers. Together, our authors have decades of experience developing and applying betting theory and analysis. If you are looking to learn from those who took on the betting successfully, you are in good hands.

    Let our experts change the way you think about playing sports.


    So… what will each guide teach you?

    The Betting expert Academy consists of six guides and each guide is based on lessons learned from the previous guide. No matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced bettor, our Academy Guides will take you step-by-step through the fundamentals of successful sports betting from grasping essential betting theory all the way to taking your betting to a professional level of betting IQ.


    Betting basics

    The first guide for readers provides the basic essentials of betting theory and is a must-read for beginners.

    1. Explaining odds
    2. How to manage your finances?
    3. What is Value Betting?

    And much more…


    Bet Types

    The second guide details the range of different types of bets that readers will usually find exposed by bookmakers.

    What is :

    1.  Head-to-Head Betting?
    2.  Over/Under Betting?
    3.  Handicap Betting?

    And much more…



    The third guide deals with Bookmakers and will help the readers understand the different manipulation approaches in the gambling business.

    1. What is a Bookmaker’s Commission?
    2. How do Bookmakers set odds?
    3. What is a free bet and Bookmaker bonus?

    And much more…


    Betting On Sports

    The fourth guide looks at how to successfully bet on the most popular sports played around the world…

    How to bet on :

    1.   football?
    2.   tennis?
    3.   horse racing?

    And much more…


    The basics for successful betting

    The fifth guide is around the principles laid out in the previous guides and shows readers how to apply these fundamentals to reach successful betting.

    How to :

    1.  assess football form?
    2.  bet on Over/Unders?
    3.  deal with losing?

    And much more…


    Advanced betting theory

    And the academy’s definitive guide provides more advanced topics, helping readers take their betting from the beginner’s past to serious pursuit.

    1. How to build a betting model?
    2. How to develop a sense of value betting?
    3. What is the Kelly Criterion?

    And much more…


    Accumulators Bets / Combo Bets / Parlay Bets

    Basically, these are three different names for the same bet: In which the amount of a bet is placed on more than one outcome. Placing several selections on the one betting slip can give you the promise of great returns as each of the odds multiply into the next.

    For example, the chances of a combo bet of 4 options are calculated in the following way:


    = .2.00 x 1.50 x 2.35 x 1.35
    = .Combo odds of 9.52
    =  2.00 x 1.50 x 2.35 x 1.35
    Combo odds of 9.52


    Accumulator bets in football are one of the most popular betting options of all time. Throughout the season, millions of pounds are wagered on football ‘accas’, attracting bettors by the promise of huge pay-outs and small stakes.

    A word of caution when playing combo bets: Unless you have found value in each of your selections, then the bookmaker commission is multiplied with each selection and thus diminishes the value of your combo bet. However, if you find a value in each of your selections, then that value will be multiplied into each selection you make.